We are in transition to the updated operations considering the current stablized covid spread in Tokyo as of End of April 2022.   Please contact us for further details.      

MAX JIU-JITSU ACADEMY & YOGA STUDIO has created its own protocol(see below links) as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection within the facility and its members. Stage 1 is basically body weight exercises which doesn’t include any physical bodily contact with others. After careful implementation of our protocols, we gradually proceed to the training methods including physical contacts with other training partners. All classes are on a reservation basis, with the maximum occupancy of 10-15 depends on the Stage of the class.

Even under the current COVID-19 situation, we still offer a free trial class, one from any Stage 1 Class, which doesn’t involve any physical contact but using your own body weight and movements, and the another one from Tequnique Development Class where you will be taught lots of different tequnipue and concepts of Jiu-Jitsu, based on MAXJJ's beginners curriculum. Please feel free to contact us for more info. Reservation required.

To sign up for the membership, 2 documents (as per below links) and payments specified per below, must be completed.  (After 15th of the month, your first monthly fee will be 1/2)


Yearly membership fee:

Applied to all the membership type. Valid for 1 year from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.
Renewal every end of year, at the time of monthly fee deposit in December.


Mandatory Insurance Fee (by Sports Anzen Kyoukai) 

Applied to all the MAXJJ members. It’s a liability insurance by Sports Anzen Kyoukai. The insurance premium is 1,980yen/1000yen (adults/kids) yealy from April 1st through the end of March. Renewal is required every year in March.




・ 5 times a month:

8,500 yen a month (normally 9900 yen)
Class participation up to 5 times during the month
(Can’t carry over.  Video viewing available, belt promotion credit available.  )



・ 8 times a month:

11,000 yen a month (usually 12,210 yen)
Participation up to 8 times during the month
(Can’t carry over.  Video viewing available, belt promotion credit available.  )


・ Unlimited membership:

12,210 yen per month (usually 14,300 yen)
Unlimited access to all available classes on monthly dates
(video viewing available, belt promotion credit available)


・ KIDS & JUNIOR CLASS Membership:

9,900 yen per month
Wed & Sat  4pm (Location may vary each time)



・ Dormant Membership:

1,650 yen per month
Maintaining your membership, although not attending classes. N/A for Kids membership.
Applicable for 2 months or more in a row.  Free drop-in only once a month.
(Video-viewing available, but No belt promotion credit given)


SHORT-TERM MEMBERSHIP (non-contract basis)
(no video viewing and belt promotion included)

・ 6 times ticket:

9,900 yen (usually 15000 yen, valid for 2 months from the start date of use)

・ Drop-in:

3,000 yen (payment for each participation day)



Cash payment is not accepted for your recurring monthly fees, except for the first 2 months’ fees due at signing up.  At the time of signing up for your membership, you are required to apply for the monthly Automatic Bank Deposit for your future recurring monthly fee payment.


Automatic Bank Deposit:

To set up the monthly fee automatic deposit, you must have a valid bank account with major Japanese banks. Please bring your bank book(“Ginko Tsu-cho”), and “Hanko”, or your signature, if you opened your bank account with a signature.


Monthly Fee Due Date:

Every 27th of the month is the due for the next month’s fee.
In case any failure in monthly fee automatic deposit occurs due to the bank account holder’s fault, such as balance shortage, a penalty fee of 2,750yen will be charged.


”KYUKAI” (DORMANT membership) ¥1,650/month:

“Kyukai” membership is available for those who will not be attending classes for 2 whole months consecutively or longer, but wish to maintain your membership.
With this membership, you can join any one class a month (belt level restrictions may apply when we resume the normal operations).
During our normal operation, you can use the MAXJJ’s facility including use of showers, training equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, chinning station and class observations during the opening hours, but those are temporarily suspended.


Discontinuing/Changing your Membership

Either to take months off or to discontinue the membership, your request must be presented in person minimum 30 days prior to the month of your discontinuance month. (for example, if you wish to discontinue membership from January, your request must be presented by December 1st, but if your request is presented on December 2nd, your membership for January will remain and will be discontinued from February.
Direct consultation to the academy is the only valid way for the request, not by emails or telephone. To discontinue membership, all the balances must be paid off to be approved.

Non-dual membership with other Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling schools

NOTE: We are extending the contents of prohibiting activities, to such physical close distance activities as Judo,Wrestling, Kick Boxing, Karate etc., to reduce the risk of COVID virus spread within the team MAXJJ.  Please consult for further details. 
We do not deny the practical meaning and benefits of training with different partners and different environments, however, to be a member of MAXJJ, you are required to make a commitment for the team, because belt rank promotion is associated with the academy’s unique curriculum. The head instructor always puts priority to its own members who respect his lineage and choose to learn from him. It is a unique system of learning for most of the traditional martial arts schools including Jiu-JItsu. i.e., whenever you compete or have any public exposures, you are required to represent our team. Thus MAXJJ is not accepting dual membership with other Jiu-Jitsu/submission grappling schools or teams.
However, we welcome you as a visitor, if your priority is to support other teams/gyms. Please be our guest under “Visitor Fee System”, 2,750yen per class