We are in transition to the updated operations considering the current stablized covid spread in Tokyo as of End of April 2022.   Please contact us for further details.      

MAX JIU-JITSU ACADEMY & YOGA STUDIO has created its own protocol(see below links) as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection within the facility and its members. Stage 1 is basically body weight exercises which doesn’t include any physical bodily contact with others. After careful implementation of our protocols, we gradually proceed to the training methods including physical contacts with other training partners. All classes are on a reservation basis, with the maximum occupancy of 10-15 depends on the Stage of the class.

Even under the current COVID-19 situation, we still offer a free trial class, one from any Stage 1 Class, which doesn’t involve any physical contact but using your own body weight and movements, and the another one from Tequnique Development Class where you will be taught lots of different tequnipue and concepts of Jiu-Jitsu, based on MAXJJ's beginners curriculum. Please feel free to contact us for more info. Reservation required.

You can receive discounted rate for our programs. For example, Yoga classes drop-in is 1100yen for the first time, and 1650yen from the 2nd time, while general drop-in is 1650yen and 2200yen, respectively. Also 6 times tickets are available for 6050yen, while general purchase is 9350yen.

N/A under COVID-19 PROTOCOL: *Rental GIs & Gi Cleaning Service
You can come in and out without your own wet, heavy Gis any more. No more worries towards the Tokyo neighborhood about Late-Night laundry noize. We’ll take care of the washing and drying part. Rental Gi is available for 1,100yen per class, which comes with free Towel use.

N/A under COVID-19 PROTOCOL: “Gi Cleaning Service” is a great choice for those who have your own gis, but don’t want to bring in and take them back home with you. We wash and dry your gis and store in your own box shelf. (maximum 2 sets. your underwear washing is not included in this service). Also, your belt can be left at the academy.
Spaces are limited (only 2 boxes) . The service fee is 8,800yen per month.