We are in transition to the updated operations considering the current stablized covid spread in Tokyo as of End of April 2022.   Please contact us for further details.      

MAX JIU-JITSU ACADEMY & YOGA STUDIO has created its own protocol(see below links) as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection within the facility and its members. Stage 1 is basically body weight exercises which doesn’t include any physical bodily contact with others. After careful implementation of our protocols, we gradually proceed to the training methods including physical contacts with other training partners. All classes are on a reservation basis, with the maximum occupancy of 10-15 depends on the Stage of the class.

Even under the current COVID-19 situation, we still offer a free trial class, one from any Stage 1 Class, which doesn’t involve any physical contact but using your own body weight and movements, and the another one from Tequnique Development Class where you will be taught lots of different tequnipue and concepts of Jiu-Jitsu, based on MAXJJ's beginners curriculum. Please feel free to contact us for more info. Reservation required.

Free Intro Class:
Anyone who wants to check out our class for the first time.
Reservation required.  Reservation site
On the 1st and the last Wednesday from 8:30pm.
By request, it can be done in English for 2 and more English speakers)

Please print, fill out and bring the form(click here) for your free-Intro class.
Regular monthly membership (during NOMAD period)
(Automatic Bank deposit setup required at signing up. Yearly-membership fee 3000 yen, and Sports Anzen Insurance fee 2000 yen will be added at signing up)・ 5 times a month: 8500 yen a month (normally 9900 yen)      Class participation is up to 5 times within the month
      (Video viewing available, belt promotion credit available)


・ 8 times a month: 11000 yen a month (normally 12210 yen)

       Participation is up to 8 times within the month
       (Video viewing available, belt promotion credit available)


・ Unlimited membership: 12210 yen per month (normally 14300 yen)

        Can participate in all classes on monthly dates
       (video viewing available, belt promotion credit available)

・ Dormant membership: 1650 yen

       Maintaining your membership, although not attending classes. Not applicable for Kids class.
       (Only applicable for 2 months or more in a row. Video-viewing available, but No belt promotion Credit given)

Short-term Use(non-contract basis)
(No video viewing and No belt promotion credits given)

・ 6 times ticket: 9900 yen (valid for 2 months from the first date of use)

・ Drop-in: 3000 yen (payment for each participation day)

Kids & Junior Jiu-Jitsu/Self Defense Class

Age 5 to 12: Wed. 4pm:~ &  Sat. 4pm~


Parents and children discount: Monthly fee for the two (one kids class + one adult unlimited course) is usually 20,460 yen(one year contract, tax included), but with discount, it is 16,460 yen/ month (tax included) 4,000 yen off.

Kids Class siblings discount: 13,500 yen / month (tax included) for 2 kids from the same household at 16,500 yen. 3,000 yen off.

Discount for law enforcement officers:
Monthly membership fees are discounted for the occupations that are extremely public and maintain the peace and order of Japanese citizens, such as police officers, self-defense army officers, and firefighters. This is because Max Jiu-Jitsu Academy & Yoga Studio is a legally compliant organization and maintains membership as a de facto proof that it is free of antisocial forces. Please check for details when you visit and participate in the free trial class.


We offer a 1-year contract for Unlimited courses (adults/students). When you sign up, please tell us you want to sign a 1 year contract. You will get a monthly discount of 2,090Yen/month from your monthly fees.
Early termination fee (26,400yen) shall be applied for discontinuing membership before 1-year contract ends.)