Max Jiu-Jitsu Academy’s original Rash Guard finally stocked in!

Max Jiu-Jitsu Academy’s original rash guard was finally completed and stocked in!

Took six years to materialize this plan!!

Had a few ideas on the design, some really good ones.   We should go with a simple design or a unique design?  The more I try to get one answer, the more I got lost…   And time just went by without finishing anything…    However, I said goodbye to such an environment last year!

Although the design is simple, I made some modifications with care for the details on the original logo.

For both long sleeves and short sleeves, there are 4 colors available; Eye-catching bright RedMAX Jiu Jitsu Blue, Simply black, and Unique and rare Olive.

I want to launch an online store immediately and start selling these items!

But until the day comes, it is direct sales by e-mail and message. (You can pay with PAYPAY!)

Long sleeve 6000 yen

Half sleeve 5500 yen

(Tax not included.  If you wish to be mailed, shipping fee will be added)

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