Are you ready for the Stage 1 protocol of Dojo Re-opening? Join our English only ZOOM meeting on Thursday from 8PM

Hey ya all MAXJJ English speaking peeps!

We are opening our Dojo again soon!   

How are you doing you all!  Are you doing good?

I will host a English only ZOOM meeting this Thursday evening.  (Another one on Friday from 8pm is only in Japanese)

We have been so wanting this time to come, and finally, it came to the point that we can actually re-opening our dojo from June 2nd!

We already had a ZOOM meeting on last Friday regarding this, tried our actual “STAGE 1 ” workout and explained what our protocol is like.

This next session is also focusing on the actual exercise of Stage 1, as well as explaining  how we operate our post-pandemic dojo and classes from June 2nd IN ENGLISH.



I will set a meeting with you guys who speaks in ENGLISH from around

8pm , Thursday (Japan time)
MEETING ID: 270-594-9476 (You’ve already received pass word numerous times in email, right?) 


My friends all over the world, this session is NOT LIMITING TO MAXJJ team members, but You guys, my friends from all over the world is so welcome!

Facebook/Instagram message me for more details.
Let’s get together.




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