コロナウイルスの拡散を鑑みてのマックス柔術アカデミー&ヨガスタジオの対策とお願い My thought on how to prepare for spreading CORONA VIRUS

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At the end of last year, many team members of the dojo, including my family had flu, I still heard that some members had the flu after the new year.

Meanwhile, as you may know from various media, the spread of a fairly scary virus called coronavirus has been reported.
As a Jiu-Jitsu Academy & Yoga Studio with a large number of members gathering, still the number of cases is still small in Japan, with the spread situation in China and the number of travelers visiting from China during the Chinese New Year period is expected to increase, we believe that voluntary actions can be taken to prevent explosive proliferation in the dojo, even for a few weeks, although complete defense is not possible.  And should be now, than later!

However, without the understanding and cooperation of each and every member of MAXJJ, this would have no effect, so I decided to give this message from me personally.

If we could delay the danger of such a virus spread through the dojo, no matter how little the effect is, would eventually help our daily lives.

For the next few weeks or until the countermeasures against coronavirus are announced at a practical level, dojo will set the following rules on a temporary basis, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

1) If you are aware of any general cold symptoms such as sluggishness, runny nose, slight fever, etc., please refrain from visiting the dojo for the time being.

2) Max Jiu-Jitsu Academy & Yoga Studio may refuse to attend the class if the symptoms of the cold can be confirmed objectively in the dojo, such as sneezing or runny nose (until the symptoms are confirmed to be gone)

WHO guidelines suggest that washing hands with soap is a realistic and effective measure to prevent illness. In addition, practice what you can do realistically, such as wearing a mask to reduce the spread of droplets, and when sneezing, cover your mouth with your elbows instead of your palm. https://www.businessinsider.jp/post-206544

It is relatively warm this winter, but recently cold days continues, and I think that the symptoms of just-a-cold may simply appear, but please understand that our action is with urgent and temporary measures, in view of the explosive spread of the coronavirus.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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