マックス柔術アカデミー&ヨガスタジオは本日で15周年!Today is 15th Anniversary of MAX JIU-JITSU ACADEMY & YOGA STUDIO



今日、こうして錦糸町、太平2丁目にて柔術とヨガのクラスを続けていられることの喜びをかみしめつつ、同時に今日この日をマックス柔術アカデミー&ヨガスタジオならびに私、Max Masuzawaと共に迎えてくれているMAXJJメンバーの皆さんとそのご家族、またこれまでマックス柔術アカデミー&ヨガスタジオをご利用、あるいはご利用なくとも支援してくれた多くの皆さんへの感謝の思いで胸が一杯です。どうもありがとうございます。


Today, September 1st, marks the 15th anniversary of the Max Jiu-jitsu Academy & Yoga Studio.

I am deeply grateful to all the current MAXJJ team members and their families, all the people who have supported me and MAXJJ in the past, reagardless of their actual use of services from the Max Jiu Jitsu Academy & Yoga Studio.  I am celebrating this day with the joy of being able to continue Jiu-jitsu and Yoga classes in Kinshicho and Taihei 2-chome today from today and onwards just as I did until today. Thank you very much to all of you.

Max and newly added staff (I will explain this matter below) will continue to provide all the members with valuable and enjoyable time and space to make your daily lives more meaningful through Jiu-Jitsu and yoga, every day from today. We look forward to your continued support of Max Jiu-jitsu Academy & Yoga Studio. Thank you once again for all your support!

1.15周年のお祝い (イベント、スペシャル等)15th year anniversary party



We are plannning to throuw a 15th year anniversary party on a Sunday in October (date T.B.D.). I would liek to invite all of you and your family to be present at this party!

2.MAX JIU-JITSU ACADEMY 公認インストラクターが誕生します Please welcome MAXJJ’s certified New instructors



The MAXJJ Instructors Program, which started with the introduction of the MAXJJ Beginners Curriculum last year, ended the intensive course started from April to July this year. And this time, four certified instructors were born. After September, some of the classes will be instructed by those new instructors.

The new instructors are all excellent in fully understood the MAXJJ Beginners curriculum, and cleared Max’s strict instruction standards. Although there may be some points from the lack of actual class teaching experiences, the classes will be instructed according to the MAXJJ Beginners curriculum as before, so continuity with the class so far will not be lost at all. Please rest assured.

新インストラクター(Here are our new instructors)

Yoshifumi Nomura (Black Belt)

Masaji Haneishi (Brown belt)

Masato Ogura (Puraple belt)

Fumiaki Terashima (Blue belt)

Congratulations, all of you!


One more thing! Masato Ogura, familiar to you as Masato, has officially joined as a staff member of Max Jiu Jitsu Academy & Yoga Studio since August. As a dojo frontman, as a friendly concierge for all members, as a janitor who protects the safety and cleanliness of the dojo, and as a certified instructor, he has been given a full range of roles. Thank you for your continued support.



代表 Max Masuzawa

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メール:info@maxjj.com(担当者 増沢)