Rules over PET BOTTLES




ペットボトル  持ち込んだなら  持ち帰る 

 お捨てなさい  道場で買った  人だけね☆

潰そうよ   そしたら   収まる1週間


Guys, thank you for keep coming and training at MAXJJ!
I’d like to remind you all, that the rules and manners,written or unwritten, applied here to all MAXJJ team members, are set to maintain the academy a comfortable and clean place, also to keep good vibes for all team members, and that’s the bottom line. 

So when I, or other team members, tells you to do, or not to do things in a certain way, don’t get upset but please try to figure out the reason behind.

And of course, I’m always here to hear your point of view in case there’s discrepancy. 

It’s getting hotter and more humid everyday.  Every time we train, we sweat a lot.  I mean A LOT.

So, it’s very important to keep hydrated before/during/after your training.  

Strongly recommend you to keep drinking lots of water or something to keep you hydrated.  

But during summer time, the recycle bin easily gets filled up with empty (or not empty sometimes) PET bottles almost like only in one day, and I have no space to keep those trash until the garbage truck comes a week after.  

The trash gathers bugs(including cockroachs!!) and causes bad smells in the room.  

So guys, do me one favor.  If you bring in your water or any other beverage to the academy, please take the empty (or not empty) PET bottles out with you and dispose somewhere else than the academy’s recycling bin.  

That recycle bin is for those who purchase bottled beverages at the academy.  

There’s no room for me to keep extra trash.  Remember, I say this to keep the academy clean and comfortable place.  

Thanks for your cooperation!


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