Head instructor, Max Masuzawa is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt.
He learned from the “pure source” of Jiu-Jitsu, under the legendary fighter Royce Gracie and Carlos “Caique” Elias at Gracie Academy in Torrance, California since late 1998 and completely fascinated by it, and lead his life with Jiu-Jitsu since the first day.  In early 2004, after a year and half of full time intensive training as an apprentice instructor of Caique, Max left California and opened up his own place to continue his passion for Jiu-Jitsu in Kikukawa/Morishita in Tokyo.

He is able to teach Jiu-Jitsu classes in both Japanese and in English, so you can learn the technique efficiently, at the same time you can practice and improve your Japanese conversation skills.

Free Intro Class Anyone who wants to check out our class for the first time.(Reservation required.  Sat & Sun morning.  Call or email to set up time) Free!!
Special offer for Women(UNLIMITED) Women can become UNLIMITED COURSE MEMBER at this discounted rate ¥8,100/month
Unlimited Course You can come to any classes according to the skill level(Instructor’s permission required for competition classes) ¥14,000/month**
Kids & Junior Course KIDS(age 5 to 8): Wed. 16:15~  & Sat. 12pm~JUNIOR(age 8 to 12):Wed.17:00~ & Sat. 12pm 2 days/week for only ¥8,100/month
Visitor fees (Drop-in/Short term) For non-members of MAXJJ, belonging to any other Jiu-Jitsu/grappling team, Drop-in fee is 3000yen, and Short-term fee(2 weeks) is 8000yen ¥3,000/Drop-in
¥8,000/2 weeks unlimited

**We offer a special discount with 1 year contract.  For more info, please read below.

* Instructions in English is available!

Our bilingual instructor is able to teach Jiu-Jitsu classes both in Japanese and English, so you can practice technique efficiently, at the same time you can improve your Japanese expressions.

* Sign 1-year contract, and get huge discount!

We offer 1-year contract for Unlimited course (adults/students). When you sign up, please tell us you want to sign a 1 year contract.  You will get monthly discount by 2000Yen/month from your monthly fees.
Early termination fee (24,000yen) shall be applied for discontinuing membership before 1-year contract ends.

*Special remarks on membership and monthly fee payment

We are so sorry but NO CASH PAYMENT is accepted for your monthly fee payment (except for the first 2 months’ fees due at signing up)
To become a member, you are required to apply for the monthly fee automatic deposit for your future monthly fee payment.
You must have a valid bank account with major Japanese banks, for setting up the monthly fee automatic deposit.
Therefore, when you decide to become TEAM MAXJJ member, please bring your bank book(“Ginko Tsucho”), and “Hanko”( if you open your bank accout with your signature, please make sure what your valid signature is).

Every 27th of the month is the due for the next month’s fee.
In case any failure in monthly fee deposit occurs due to the bank account holder’s fault, such as balance shortage, a penalty fee for 1500yen will be charged.

*Yearly membership fee ¥3,000 /year

Applied for all the above membership. Valid for 1 year from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Renewal required at the time of monthly fee deposit on December every year.

*Non-active Month Fee(taking month-off) ¥1,500/month

When you take 2 months  or longer off, non-active month fee for 1,500yen for each month applies to maintain yearly membership

*Requirement for Insurance by Sports Anzen Kyoukai ¥2,000/1 year(from April through March)

To become a MAXJJ member, you are required to buy a Sports Anzen Insurance by Sports Anzen Kyoukai.   The insurance premium is only 2000yen per year from April 1st through end of March.  Renewal is required every year in March.

*Discontinuing the Membership/Taking months off

Either to take month(s) off or to discontinue the membership, you need to request for the approval before the 5th of the prior month of your requested month.
Direct consultation to the academy is the only valid way for the request, not by emails or telephone.   To discontinue membership, all the balances must be paid off to be approved.

*Visitor Fee System ¥3,000/visit (¥8,000/2 weeks)

If you are visiting our academy for a shorter period than a month, and not becoming a member, you can still train as a visitor but make sure to email or call in beforehand.
The visitor fee for the regular classes is 3000 yen per class.  For 2 weeks, 8000yen.  If you are attending the first time free-intro class, it is not necessary.

*Non-dual membership with other Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling schools

We do not deny the meaning and importance of training with/under different partners and different environments, however,
to be a member of MAXJJ, you are required to make commitment for the team, i.e., whenever you compete or have any public exposure, you are required to represent our team.
Even if you can not agree with this idea, you can still train with us using “Visitor Fee System”, 3000yen per class

*Rental GIs

You can come in and out without your own wet, heavy Gis any more. No more worries for laundry late at night. We’ll take care of the washing and drying part. The rental fee is 1000yen per visit.

*Class Schedule

Please see Class Schedule

※The academy opening time is between 15 minutes prior to & after classes, other than that the door is closed to public.

*Academy & Studio Closing Days

We are closed on Mondays, and also such days when Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling competitions and other events going on, and end of a year and New Year time.  We are also closed for consecutive national holidays and Japanese traditional seasonal holidays.  Please check the notice board in the studio, and our calender.



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メール:info@maxjj.com(担当者 増沢)